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Экспериментальный анализ новых методов  диагностики процессов дефлюидизации, при
сжигании биомассы в кипящем слое.
(статья на английском языке).


The method for diagnostics of the defluidization process, based on the comparison of valuesof dimensionless amplitude of pressure fluctuations in a bed, obtained at various moments of
technological procedures, is proposed. It is shown that while the dimensionless amplitude of
fluctuations is less than 0.1 the bed remains in a fluidized condition and defluidization does
not occur. The method is experimentally verified for the fluidized bed combustion of straw
pellets in a specifically developed for these purposes boiler. Reliability of the offered method
is proved by means of known methods for diagnostics of defluidization: by taking into
account the changes in fractional composition of the bed material, flue gas temperature
measurements outside the boiler, and measurements of О2 and СО concentrations in flue

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