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Разработка технологии бесшлаковочного сжигания сельскохозяйственных отходов (соломы) и проектирование и разработка котлов, работающих по этой технологии (статья на англ. языке)

The results of the research on combustion of granular agricultural wastes (straw) in a fluidized bed formed by granules and solid products of their combustion are introduced. The proposed technology allows to prevent slag and ash agglomeration in a bed which usually obstructs the normal work of a boiler when we use known burning technologies (in a dense bed and fluidized bed of an inert material). The researches are carried out in accordance with the results of the analysis of statistical characteristic variations of pressure drop pulsations in a bed and it allows to diagnose slagging in a bed at an early stage of agglomerate formation.
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